Recruiting in Miami

Blue Ocean benefits from Pact & Partners Group’s decades of experience (established in 1987) of expertise in life sciences executive search, with innovative methodologies and a creative culture. We specialize in Hospitality, Luxury Retail, Cruises, IT, Cosmetics and Real Estate. As Global Executive Recruiters, we know the high demand it takes to find the right team leaders for each company. Our goal is to find the most outstanding, knowledgeable, and diverse professionals in the field, in a landscape where it seems almost impossible to find loyal and professional employees,

Blue Ocean simply aims to be the best recruiting firm on the East Coast! When time is of the essence we use all possible means to find the right person for your business. We are not your typical recruiting agency. Our headhunters come from the most complex and competitive environment: Life Sciences—where creativity is vital in order to attract the best talents. Their goal: finding the perfect candidate for their clients through creative and audacious headhunting. Forget about what you know about recruiting: here comes Blue Ocean!

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