If you’re having trouble sourcing the right talent for your open positions, take heart—you’re not alone! Unfortunately, in this situation, there is no strength in numbers. In fact, the numbers are working against you. Between the Great Resignation, recruiter wars, and mounting competition for talent in the Miami area, it feels like an impossible situation.

So, how do you attract the best talent in Miami? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple one-and-done solution. Your recruiting processes need to be sustainable, so you can attract the right people without putting in a lot of extra effort. Keeping your recruiting pipeline filled is the ultimate goal, and it’s certainly possible, but you need to know where to focus so you can achieve the best possible results.

The War on Talent: How Did We Get Here?

The current job market favors the candidate—and that’s been true for a long time, even before the pandemic swooped in for the coup-de-grace.

According to a survey published in Forbes, authored by the Partnership for New York City, about 54% of workers in Manhattan are fully remote, and most do not have any intention of coming back to the office.

The situation we were forced to accept after March 2020 changed many lives—and attitudes about work in general. Having endured lockouts, lockdowns, and significant life changes because of the pandemic, many people have reassessed their lives and either moved on to more entrepreneurial pursuits, gone back to school, retired, or turned to freelancing to provide themselves with some stability. As a result, the availability of top talent is greatly diminished, and you’re competing with high-performing companies for those that are still in the game.

To win the war, you need to think strategically. It’s not just about compensation and benefits anymore (although those must be equitable and aligned to industry benchmarks). Working with a top recruiter helps, but unless you have your employer brand in order, even that will take some time.

But don’t worry! It’s not all bad news. Miami Recruiters is a trusted partner in executive search, and we’ve got some actionable tips to help you achieve your recruiting goals.

Attracting Top Talent in Miami

Here are a few top recruiting tips you can put into motion right away to help you attract Miami’s best and brightest.

Revamp Your Employer Brand

What does your employer brand say about your company? And what is an employer brand, anyway?

Simply put, your employer brand is your corporate image, its internal culture, and what it stands for. It’s about your reputation as an employer and popularity from an employee’s perspective—in other words, how employees feel about working there. As such, it’s also about the company’s values and overarching mission. These days, employees care more about working for companies that align with their personal values, so that’s always a good place to start.

So, think about your ideal employee—and that goes for all talent levels, from the ground floor up to the C-suite. Create personas for your ideal employees, much as your marketing team profiles your customers. If you understand how your employees think and what they care about, it’s easier to exemplify those characteristics that will appeal to them. While you might already have a lot going for you in that department, if it’s not evident on the surface, you’re not going to reach those people.

Your prospective employees need to know that they fit into your culture and that your organization is a place that aligns with their motivations. Establish a digital presence that highlights these features, and you won’t have to work so hard to attract the right people. If the effort is genuine and authentic, they will find you!

According to a Glassdoor study on employer branding and recruiting:

  • 86% of job seekers research a company online before applying.
  • 75% say they are more likely to approach a company that actively manages their employer brand.
  • 86% of women would not consider a company that had a bad reputation.
  • 68% of millennials, 54% gen-Xers, and 48% of boomers use a company’s social pages to form an opinion about a company before they apply.
  • 92% would consider changing jobs for a company with an excellent reputation.

Those are pretty compelling numbers in favor of giving your employer brand some love! Additionally, according to a LinkedIn study, a strong employer brand reduces the cost of hiring by 50%. I think we’ve made a pretty strong case here, but if you feel you need help with your employer brand, don’t hesitate to reach out to Miami Recruiters. Let’s start the conversation!

Cast a Wide Net

Miami is an indisputable hotbed of talent. Hundreds—maybe even thousands—of executives and rising stars have relocated to Miami in the past two years. As real estate prices continue to skyrocket in NYC, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, people are flocking to Florida for the lower cost of living, favorable tax environment, and of course, the fabulous Miami lifestyle.

Newcomers and Florida natives alike come from all backgrounds, so it’s essential to put a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Our nation is diverse; therefore, our workforce should align with those values. To stay relevant with your customers, you need to represent their values. Belonging is a critical aspect of inclusion, as customers tend to identify with companies whose values mirror their own.

DE&I is simply a quota for many companies, but the results are quite remarkable when you genuinely engage its principles. Going back to your employer brand, how do you appear to support diversity and inclusion? Debias your messaging. Include diverse populations in your recruitment marketing materials and all aspects of your public-facing brand. Again, if you need help with this, Miami Recruiters is here to guide you. We are a trusted recruiter specializing in executive search in Miami and surrounding areas. Set up a call today; we’d love to show you how we can help.


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